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Practical outdoor flooring

At Outdoor Flooring Guys we install outdoor flooring that gives you a good strong surface on which the homeowner and the entire family relax in deck chairs and admire the beautiful yards. We add decking as it is a great way of adding style to the outdoor area and furthermore it is easy and fast to do. Every homeowner will want to make the most of the garden in all seasons and therefore contact Outdoor Flooring Guys on 888-459-0993 if you want to have outdoor flooring that will accommodate all seasons.


Outdoor flooring to let you enjoy fresh air

At Outdoor Flooring Guys outdoor decking is made from strips of acacia wood in a paneled design. An acrylic glazing is used to give the decking a smooth surface and a polished gleam. Such outdoor flooring is easy to maintain because you simply wash down regularly with mild soapy solution to keep the whole surface fresh and clean. The outdoor space can be used to host parties, dinner and weekends out therefore making your outdoor space a pleasure to live in. You can also add some additional touches with the decorative lights or outdoor furniture from Outdoor Flooring Guys to create a stylish atmosphere for your outdoor experience.


Outdoor flooring

Step out onto terraces and balconies in style and comfort with east to lay outdoor flooring from Outdoor Flooring Guys. The decking is an instant way to upgrade any outdoor space and creating an area for dining and having fun with the family members and friends. The outdoor flooring installed by experts from Outdoor Flooring Guys is easily to disassemble when seasonal weather sends you indoors.

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Outdoor Flooring

Typical services

The Outdoor Flooring Guys is a full service organization, the employees at Outdoor Flooring Guys takes care of every detail for you, from your free in-home consultation to the professional quote from the firm to installation and maintenance of the outdoor flooring system.

Consultation; the service at Outdoor Flooring Guys starts with a free in home consultation. During the in-home consultation the experts from Outdoor Flooring Guys identifies your unique style, measure the size and finds out the requirements for your installation and then after the evaluation a quote is given to the customer. Contact Outdoor Flooring Guys on 888-459-0993 and book your free consultation. The evaluation of your installation requirements is very important as it is key to your installation guarantee. The experts from Outdoor Flooring Guys takes the exact dimensions of the outdoor space, they also look at the posts, angles, curves and how level the surface is. The quote issued during the in home consultation remains unchanged even if the Outdoor Flooring Guys twice as long as they thought it would.

Designing of your outdoor flooring; if you love classic, simple layouts or want something that is unique and have accent areas, patterns or designs there is everything for everyone at Outdoor Flooring Guys are rich in experience and they will design for you a dream outdoor oasis that you will be proud of.

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